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The Fun of Flexibility and the Rewards of Restriction

As a young woman, I dreamed of becoming a writer. In fact, I did more than dream: on weekends, after school, and in my spare time I worked on writing a novella. I learned vocabulary from Sharespeare plays and the Great Books series which Encyclopedia Britannica published in 1990.

However, a series of poor decisions held me back in my early life. Like many people with excess anxiety, I was a procrastinator, a person whose reaction to stress included avoidance of stressful situations, to the detriment of my personal development and my early career.

Just like someone who is stiff can eventually become admired for their flexibility if they perform stretching every day, a person who procrastinates can become admired for dedication to work if they put themselves in a position where they practice diligence every day.

Although I could not succeed in business as a young woman due to my own lack of discipline, years of full-time work made me use skills that had been underutilized, and I got into a daily rhythm that eventually made steady activity every day possible even without an external motivator. Having been an employee eventually gave me a mindset that let me realistically think about becoming my own boss.

I am in the middle of my life, familiar with older and younger generations as well as with my own. I understand the memories of older people who write letters, who had pen pals growing up.

I also understand that personal connection is an important need for human beings, young and old alike. For young people, social isolation could lead to a lack of development of important social skills. For older people, maintaining skills they already have can help them stay happier.

A high-technology world can be intimidating for young people with anxiety, or older people who are unfamiliar with social networking and online connections.

Like a pen pal, Liza Donna LLC wants to bridge the gap between business and client and provide personalized research letters to people who feel intimidated by the idea of starting their own projects.

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