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More Practice, Better Planning, and the Perfect Project

As Japanese yoga instructor Eiko wrote, in her book of the same title, "Even the Stiffest People can do the Splits." The same principle applies to learning to play the piano, expanding your vocabulary, planning tastier or healthier meals, or getting the job of your dreams.

With more practice, your skills will improve, but it isn't in human nature most of the time to force ourselves to do things that are stressful, over and over again for hours, with no external motivation.

Many of us who have the experience of having worked a full-time job already have developed, unbeknownst to us, a special skill: even if we didn't like the job, we have trained ourselves to stay focused for eight hours straight, every day, on a task we don't love.

If you're a more mature person who tried to achieve personal goals while younger and failed, you may find that your ability to focus - whatever you have done for a career - will also come in handy when you plan projects that have personal meaning for you.

With a little bit of help, you can overcome anxiety about past failures to finish projects you started for yourself. You can get help in initial research stages for trips you are planning, family events, particular areas of curiosity, hobbies, skills, and more.

Reaching out for help online can be intimidating because the internet is both vast and impersonal. There are thousands of articles tailored to the general public. But what you want is something tailored to you and personally written for you. You want a business that reaches out to you by name and writes research letters specifically in response to your personal needs.

What you really want is a modern world pen pal - a person who helps to expand your mind and helps you feel less alone and detached amid the stresses of the world. Someone who helps you move past anxiety and get started.

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