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Liza Donna - the Procrastination Pen Pal Story on Kindle Vella

Having grown up reading sites like, where writers of all ages and experience levels post, chapter by chapter, their short stories and novellas, I envied those who wrote for the sheer pleasure of it.

For me, I always gained more pleasure from reading. However, like all skills, writing for communication and pleasure is a skill that deepens with time, and I find myself wanting to write in a different way.

The Liza Donna story is autobiographical in many ways, but ultimately is a work of fiction. Neither Liza nor Donna is real, but Liza's struggle to decide whether she should decide to disguise herself or be true to herself is a decision many people face.

People over 40, like I am, may find that a midlife crisis consists of deciding to be true to yourself while you still can, while you still have the energy to make a change.

Kindle Vella is a chapter-by-chapter episodic experience. Like the Choose Your Own Adventure books I grew up with, it contains polls where readers can choose what they want to happen next in the story.

I invite anyone curious about starting on a mid-life career shift to check out the Procrastination Pen Pal first episode and vote in the poll. I'd also love to hear if my readers decide to launch their own episodic stories on Kindle Vella.

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